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Checking the Pulse of 3D Printing in Packaging

Luxe Pack

May 12, 2016

New York, NY

Today 3D printing technology is used in pretty diverse and innovative places, from creating art, to printing with living tissue and even, finally, actual manufacturing.

Rapid prototyping is now available to virtually anyone, and is finding itself being used in more varied and surprising ways than ever before. This presentation will cover how the packaging industry can leverage rapid prototyping to create better prototypes faster and some of the reasons that companies are still resistant to 3D printed prototyping.


How to differentiate between a natural outbreak a malevolent (terroristic) act?


January 25, 2017

New York, NY

Several events have confirmed that biological weapons are a real/factual threat. However, how can a difference be made between an emergent natural epidemic and a malevolent action? Which pathogenic agents are most likely to be used?

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