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Conferences, by the originality of their approach, should bring real added value for the understanding of a new technology. through its customized workshops and conferences, Chlorodia makes its knowledge in the scientific field accessible and fun.

Let's ask more of spatial conquest
AAFSP Presentation

November 15, 2017

New York, NY

For what reason do we finance it? To meet aliens? To understand our origins? Or to bring solutions to terrestrial problems? Probably a bit of the tree. The conference will inform you on the utility of your taxes,how 60 years of spatial conquest allowed for major progress in health and medecine. How the process of technology transfer enhances these findings through various unexpected applications that save many lives daily and bring dynamism to our economy.


3D printing for customized prostheses
The Institute Movement Sciences-CNRS
March 23, 2017
Marseille, France

Even though 3D printing technology impacts multiple industries, its scope is still underestimated. This presentation featured how surgeons can benefit from rapid prototyping to offer custom implants better matched to patients’ specific needs and morphology. The small number of materials available for medecine-related 3D printing was presented as a research opportunity for future innovators.

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