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conseil advise

New technologies are a source of long-term prosperity and are genuine opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs.

Chlorodia provides strategic advice on growth and the use of emerging technologies such as advanced materials, information technology, nanotechnology, life sciences and additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Our services include:

  • state of the art of emerging technologies;
  • scientific and technological monitoring;
  • consulting in strategic technologies;
  • assessment of the competition;
  • identifying critical points in the project.


Chlorodia accompanies you to ride the wave of innovation and helps you find new business opportunities. Our methods are based on:

  • scientific and technical know-how;
  • network of experts from research laboratories, technical centers and consulting firms;
  • coverage of congress and information from public and limited sources;
  • creation of databases and statistical trend analysis;
  • activity of conference.

The combination of our information processing know-how and our expertise allows us to address a wide range of industrial subjects.